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IE print pdf file error “Bad parameter”

How is this related with SCCM? No, it doesn’t 😀
But because of Adobe Reader was deployed by SCCM, and there is print problem, so it became “SCCM package” problem, and it became my problem. 🙂
So the problem is when open a pdf file in IE, when you click this little “print” icon in IE, we got an error from Adobe Reader “Bad parameter.”


Although I am 100% sure nothing wrong with our Adobe Reader SCCM package, but I intend to find out what is the reason.
This is the setting what cause this “print issue” in my case.

Computer Configuration\Policies\Windows Components\Internet Explorer\Internet Control Panel\Advanced Page
Turn on 64-bit tab processes when running in Enhanced Protected Mode on 64-bit versions of Windows


It was set “Enabled”. As “Help” mentioned, Some ActiveX controls and toolbars maybe not be available when 64-bit processes are used.
As you see, Adobe Reader XI is using 32-bit processes, so in this case, it stop working. (I am using 64-bit Windows 10)


I would suggest set it “Disable” or “Not Configured” if you wants to use Enhanced Protected Mode, and if you are not sure if all your ActiveX components work on 64-bit processes.
This setting you will find in your IE:

Internet Options->Advanced->Settings->Security->Enable 64-bit processes for Enhanced Protcted Mode


By change this setting in GPO “Disable” or “Not Configured”, or uncheck that in IE Advanced Setting, it fixed “bad parameter” problem.

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